All Of Nature

by Sheila Nicholls

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epseja Folk-tinged singer-songwriter power pop with earnest emotion, thought-provoking subject matter, and no shortage of hooks. Like Elly Jackson of La Roux singing in a band with Fiona Apple and Lily Allen. Intrigued? You should be. Favorite track: Reveal.
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So I had this doubt inside of me  some kind of crazy purgatory  and I took this doubt just as far as it would go  aaaww you don't want to know  and my mind, it was trying  but it was destined to fail  shadowboxing inside a linear jail,  'cause the answers don't come  if the questions are wrong  that's why I wrote this song  An’ when we ask the biggest questions of all time  and we choose to ignore what can't be quantified,  then we hide  with euphemisms  like, incidentals and collateral,  and we pull  the wool over our own eyes  cos the set of things that science will never prove  is boundless and immeasurable  so it becomes illogical to think exclusively  materialistically  it's time to  love our mother x8  cause all of nature is conspiring for freedom  all of nature  so I pull myself back in, there's no fractioning  all of nature  pull invisible and make it seen  all of nature  so let all your problems face  the oneness in you now  for there is only one 
And the mantras fall down from the heavens  as we sing them back into the sky  outstretched on the grass in the starlight  clutching the blades as she cries  as the far away voices came tuning  her heart opened wide  and the thousands of years started streaming  down her face thro her hair earth inside  mother I'm so sorry for what we're doing to you  yeah we're pirates marauding  laying waste to your beauty  in our ignorance and greed  we done cut off your hair  and we poisoned your blood  we've forgotten your love  As the tuning fork went right through her  she was part of an infinite song  and as the multiverse stretched to evolve itself  she heard all conscious beings sing along  and as the faraway voices came closer  her heart burst open wide  because she knew that the balance existed  and the symphony could never die
Come to the garden  Be aware  our greatest ally  to the journey of the self  keeps us awake  and present to the Now  and then you hear  the wisdom of the heart.  Who are you ?  are you authentic?  can you touch ecstatic love?  well come to the garden  and free yourself now  in dharma's wheel,  divine Ideas  emerge through the Oneness  still this flickering mind  yes be in the stillness  and come to the garden  drop the veils feel insight  this body temple  is a filament for divine light  I want the sweet water of appreciation to bathe everything that I do  infinite love I want you  At your core  beyond the limited thought forms you have bought  there is a spiritual blueprint hanging out  so be aware  and dare to come out today  from material mode  then the birds will carry food to your doorstep  Come to the garden  yeah I'll get you back by Sunday night  our body temples are filaments for divine light  I want the sweetwater of appreciation to bathe everything that we do  infinite love I want you  Come to the garden with me
Come to  wake up , wake up  I spent so long  wondering the halls of loneliness  judging everyone else's delusion  and not seeing my own  now here I am  standing in the presence  whose center is everywhere  hey you know you better believe it  physics is proven this true for me  oh just meditate  come to this infinite mind  come to this infinite mind  swim in this infinite source  swim you and me and everything that ever shall be of course  Our quantum lights  are shattering the darkness  universal luminosity  Melts the veils  dissolves the drama  it's evolution to be  just come try to be  completely poised  objective and subjective mind  balanced perfectly  there's no need to feel alone now  because were already free.  Just one love you see  just be the love, just be the love
God  so much baggage on that word  means so many different things to so many people  yeah what is God ?  God  maybe something infinite in all directions  those perceived and unperceived alike  those perceived and unperceived alike  infinite directions  Infinite directions  Dissolving into  love without resistance  love without a cure  love everlasting  love forever more  God  maybe something that was never born and never dies  yet contains every birth and every death  every birth and every death  across the multiverse  Beyond the boundaries of vocabulary  beyond the boundaries of dogma,  religion, philosophy, ownership, politics,  they all become temporary  in the oneness of this God  dissolving into  A love without resistance  a love without a cure  love everlasting  a love forever more,  it's always been here  So to this God  I can surrender into you  sitting still distills the binary  outside the mind  deep inside the senses  only sweetness  I love without resistance  love without a cure  love everlasting  love forever more  it's always been here,  it'll always be here  God
I don't always,  believe the things,  I say inside  this residue.  Of fork in path,  yeah we're done for now  but was still so strange and new.  It's funny how,  perfection shows,  itself to us  in such strange ways.  I loved you then  and I love you now  I will love you for always  Tied in waves  beyond the wrath  tied in ways  not slave to the math  new territory new dominion of my mind  and I thank you.  We met far out on fractal's edge,  cats walked about,  on bending ledge.  It's quantum here,  outside of fear,  symphonic view,  in tune with you.  ...and I still want you  through space and time.  ....and I still love you through rain or shine.  Maybe one day,  can I still dream?  You and me babe  strawberries and cream.
An' it builds  it builds on top of what was always there  layer upon layer upon layer  and no one seems to know or remember  And it builds  every creatures past has been distilled  to make this moment now in which we stand  but the pyramid is too high for the land  well it's got me thinking  is there, is there  another shape that we could make? x2  Shape us again, we're dropping all those statues  shape us again, well this time horizontal  shape us again, well this time more affection  shape us again, so that I can trust you  And it builds  the orchards of our minds been left untilled  the purpose of the species unfulfilled  still Plato sits in cave where shadow puppetry enslaves  stick to entrenched believes rob the future pay the Chiefs  we are sent to duplicate when we conjoin the church and state  and all that sits behind the dam turns on itself inside the woman  And it builds  when wealthy men send poor kids off to war  dwindling resources is what that's for  and that is gaudy silence from the shores  of Easter Island  Is there, is there  another shape that we could make?  shape us again, this time horizontal  shape us again we're dropping all those statues  shape us again, well this time more affection  shape us again  so that I can trust you,  so that I can trust you, all of you
Edge Of You 03:51
On the edge of you,  we glue paper leaves to winter trees,  ambush memories  wrapped up teardrops, with rotting ribbon.  You'll open them later,  you never will  On the edge of you,  water falls to space.  The crevice took the path,  the hull has gone dissolved,  you're bleeding in the bath,  puncturing all resolve.  You'll patch it up later,  you never will  Songbirds stricken sobbing for your hearts arrest,  roots suspended in the eyes of the confessed.  Where does a young boys adoration grow?  Mother lost to the snow.  On the edge of you,  they just left you there.  A child's bewilderment,  at how skilled they were,  at the practice of  not feeling anything.  She'll return to you later,  she never well
The beach was silent the moon was low the pier offered circles but I was quick to let them go you offered your kindness you kept me warm only then sensing this was the eye of the storm and I throw caution to the wind I am astray in you it's futile to rescind cause I can pray in you braided divine your hands in mine we dissolve we dissolve and I throw caution to the wind I am astray in you I see the skylights crown your head fluttering curtains tea and shortbread. Stained-glass patterns the lights of your eyes starry magnificence purifies Dive dive dive you and me submerge beneath debris dive dive dive into swell submerge let truth propel
Joy In Store 02:39
When I feel you I feel everything A walk in town reveals who's feeling down and I can tell who's running fine standing still in line Cos when I feel you I feel it all you gift you door you joy in store you bliss you change this tenderness exchange when I feel you I feel everything you crystallize my tainted eyes and give me back what I've been longing for yeah you give me back myself what I've been longing for I'm taking back myself what I've been longing for t aking back myself yeah you give me back myself what I've been looking for When I feel you I feel everything tranquility this pulse in me it seems to be the same as every bird and tree cos when I feel you I feel it all
100 years had passed surprisingly we had survived the boys fear-based stance ...and all the tension was gone, mythological memory just vapors written in song but I remember that day when all of the Mothers in the world said 'put the guns away' ' just put the guns away' they said 'we won't have sex with you ever again if there's one more child laying dead' when the cup overflowed clouds of compassion filled the air until it snowed well still you tried to control you started issuing IDs to trees and fish in a bowl that's when your God got too small and all of the definitions you could think of meant nothing at all. That's when you're cowardice showed already so dead inside to trust the flux as it flowed The love was too much for you to bear blank eyed and bloated your hearts exploded and we stopped to stare …..and as your species died out a language older than words came back bearing some kind of ancient aphrodisiac and all the creatures that were left behind well it was clear that Heaven was here yeah it was clear that Heaven was always here to find Well that was so long ago and human capability has stretched so much farther than you'll ever know so now we live sustainably where hatred and fear and greed own no vocabulary and hierarchy has dissipated along with that pyramidical slavery you perpetuated and poverty and profit and rape are gone the air and water clean and still we all got enough to live on
Reveal 04:31
Reveal the universe is here to reveal unlimited splendor Reveal the infinite diversity of expression no one can withstand her allure reveal adore the colors and the shapes reveal her enchantment reveal the one who permeates us all the one great lover no one can withstand her allure reveal above and below reveal mortal and immortal reveal transient and eternal Perceive the terrifying beauty be free to suffer and be thrilled maayaa vi-mohinee naama kalaayaah kalanam sthitam iti aadi dharmam–tattvanaam kalayan na prithak bhavet
Unstable emptiness far out in space something comes from nothing and the universal one sings us all right now so let us open to this grace open cos everything is music come on and raise that frequency undo the limits of your thought and know that it is possible undo that patterning and fly can you hear the music of the spheres can you hear will you bring the songs that only you can sing The songs that only you can sing, bring So let intentions manifest ' cause form follows consciousness Let's wait in this feeling tone and build till it sustains then we could take it anywhere we could bring it everywhere


It's true I write songs that I want to hear, practice, think and speak with other people about. Questions that feel pressing to me, topics that stretch between the veils, discussions that I feel we all should be having together. I find melodies in the ephemeral that blend with the lyrics. In this way music and blog becomes a forum.

This record is rooting for humanity, to bring our best to the table and know that evolution has become a choice. Like some of my previous offerings, I attempt to make the personal and universal one and the same. What is different is a firmer understanding that for me consciousness itself is a bigger crucible than matter.

I am grateful you are here, and to me you are now a little bit part of this project of the heart. I received pennies from heaven which I passed on to some mind expanding neighborhood musicians that I have the joy of knowing. There are no samples on this record, just a stylistic choice to hold court with all the textures and frequencies that occur from the relationship between instrument and player.

There are many people who have held space for this body of work to emerge. My first thank you is to Curt Campbell, a true patron of the arts. Secondly to Mitch Forman and Dave Stringer, for your fervent encouragement and love. To my teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith: you are fucking mind blowing and you know it.

To dearest Reirani and your elegantly deviant and insightful mind. To all the musicians, I bow deeply, please know that I am so grateful for your contributions of amazingness. Jebin for your perspective and being an early linchpin. Krishan: you went above and beyond. Dearbhla Kelly: for sisterhood and tea. To my Mum and Dad who will only ever see me as bonkers. Thank you all of nature which is never ending, always flowing. I know this universe is benevolent, no matter what the experience may look like. Thank you for my breath.


released September 15, 2017

A collection of social commentary to music
By Sheila Nicholls
All Of Nature, Infinite Mind, God, Beyond The Wrath, An' It Builds, Edge of You, Caution To The Wind, Post-Revolutionary Victory Song, Joy In Store: Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls
Back Into The Sky: Music by Sheila Nicholls, Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls and Reirani Taurima
Come To The Garden and Music Of The Spheres: Music by Sheila Nicholls, Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls and Michael Bernard Beckwith
Reveal: Music by Sheila Nicholls and Dave Stringer, Lyrics by Lorin Roche from his translation of The Radiance Sutras
Executive producer - Curt Campbell
Produced by Sheila Nicholls, Mitchel Forman and Dave Stringer
Edited and Mixed by - Krishan Khalsa
Recorded By Pete Min and Krishan Khalsa
Recorded at Pete Min’s Studio, Lazy Bagel Studio and Feijoa Studio in Los Angeles, CA
Jacket Design: Dave Stringer & Sheila Nicholls

Andrew Synowiec: dobro, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, acoustic guitar
Chris Bruce: electric guitar
Danny Frankel: drums and percussion
Dave Stringer: featured vocalist on ‘Reveal’ and harmony vocals on ‘Infinite Mind’
Doug Webb: alto, tenor, baritone sax, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
Gary Novak: drums
Jebin Bruni: keyboards and synthesizers
Kaveh Rastegar: stand up and electric bass
Mitchel Forman: piano
Nailah Porter: harmony vocals on ‘All of Nature’
Patrick Richey: tabla, cajon
Reirani Taurima: harmony vocals on ‘Back Into The Sky’ and ‘All Of Nature’
Shara Prophet: harmony vocals on ‘All of Nature’
Sheila Nicholls: vocals, piano
Tiwanna Floyd: harmony vocals on ‘All Of Nature’
Walt Fowler: trumpet, flugelhorn


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Sheila Nicholls Los Angeles, California

Sheila has released 3 albums: Brief Strop, Wake, and Songs From the Bardo. Smattered between songs of desire are rousing feminist fantasies and commentaries on the ridiculousness of worldwide chest-beating
her new project “All of Nature"
includes co-writes with Michael Beckwith, she petitions us to solve the world's problems. Because if we all committed, it would be quite simple to do so.
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