Back into the sky

by Sheila Nicholls

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This is one of my favorite songs on the record. It came about after my dear friend Reirani and I attended the first RAJ festival together.The surroundings and music were beautiful, mantras take you to esoteric places, away from the dominant materialistic. She later wrote a Facebook entry that was so stunning and expressed something i think so many of us feel. When you are a connected person, you can see the normative rape culture that goes unspoken, that effects our planet.She is our mother and we keep taking, with no remorse. This knowing flows through most women (and some men) that I know. i asked her if i could convert her entry into a song. Thank you Reirani. My brilliant sister.


Back into the sky

And the mantras fall down from the heavens
as we sing them back into the sky
outstretched on the grass in the starlight
clutching the blades as she cries

as the far away voices came tuning
her heart opened wide
and the thousands of years started streaming
down her face thro her hair earth inside

mother I'm so sorry for what we're doing to you
yeah we're pirates marauding
laying waste to your beauty
in our ignorance and greed
we done cut off your hair
and we poisoned your blood
we've forgotten your love

As the tuning fork went right through her
she was part of an infinite song
and as the multiverse stretched to evolve itself
she heard all conscious beings sing along

and as the faraway voices came closer
her heart burst open wide
because she knew that the balance existed
and the symphony could never die


released June 27, 2016
Music by Sheila Nicholls
Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls and
Reirani Taurima



all rights reserved


Sheila Nicholls Los Angeles, California

Sheila has released 3 albums: Brief Strop, Wake, and Songs From the Bardo. Smattered between songs of desire are rousing feminist fantasies and commentaries on the ridiculousness of worldwide chest-beating
her new project “All of Nature"
includes co-writes with Michael Beckwith, she petitions us to solve the world's problems. Because if we all committed, it would be quite simple to do so.
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