Infinite Mind

by Sheila Nicholls

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....honestly I was pretty much an atheist for much of my life. Wanting there to be more but finding religious argument so anthropomorphic and utterly flawed.
The ridiculous concept of a wrathful god, the guilt of original sin, the codependence and lack of personal responsibility in the notion of a messiah,.... not to mention all the things done in the name of religion. But meditation changed my thought process. I began to have tangible experiences of the esoteric and realized that it was constantly available. Worry, guilt and mental pain all began to diminish as i created more and more dominion over my own mind. Being able to objectify your subjective, to watch your thought patterns, is a skill that opens one's life up in an entirely new way. like discovering the infinite numbers between 5 and 6 or singing the infinite notes between F and G. You just have so many more options.
.... and in steps a knowing, that the universe is infinite in all directions. sometimes, in meditation, conditions dissolve, time becomes irrelevant, and a personal evolution reveals itself. these are truly glorious moments. If we are to be the change in the world we must create a new way about us, a new paradigm. When we fight inside our own mind, we bring that reflection to our movements of social change. This can lead to more of the same divide and conquer that happens to so many social justice movements. For me i learned this when i spent two months living at Occupy LA. When we take responsibility to heal ourselves, forgive ourselves, we bring our wholeness to the table, and begin something truly new. We go beyond the chest-beating and become able to hold peaceful and compassionate space for ourselves and others. I truly think meditation, can bring us the perspective needed for each of us to dissolve the egoistical psychosis and pathologies that create the hierarchies and low intensity warfare that have become so normative.


Infinite mind

Come to
wake up , wake up

I spent so long
wondering the halls of loneliness
judging everyone else's delusion
and not seeing my own
now here I am
standing in the presence
whose center is everywhere
hey you know you better believe it
physics is proven this true for me
oh just meditate

come to this infinite mind
come to this infinite mind
swim in this infinite source
swim you and me and everything that ever shall be of course

Our quantum lights
are shattering the darkness
universal luminosity
Melts the veils
dissolves the drama
it's evolution to be
just come try to be
completely poised
objective and subjective mind
balanced perfectly
there's no need to feel alone now
because were already free.
Just one love you see

just be the love, just be the love


released July 11, 2016
Album Credits

'All of Nature - A collection of social commentary to music'
By Sheila Nicholls

All of nature
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

Back into the sky
Music by Sheila Nicholls
Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls and Reirani Taurima

Come to the garden
Music by Sheila Nicholls,
Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls and Michael Bernard Beckwith

Infinite mind
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

God (Bill Maher don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.)
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

Beyond the wrath
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

And it builds
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

Edge of you
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

Caution to the wind
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

Post Revolutionary Victory Song
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

Joy In store
Music and Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls

Music by Sheila Nicholls and Dave Stringer
Lyrics by Lorin Roche from his translation of “the Radiance Sutras”

Music of the spheres
Music by Sheila Nicholls
Lyrics by Sheila Nicholls and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Album Musicians

Sheila Nicholls-piano
Mitchel Forman -piano
Kaveh Rastegar – stand up and electric bass
Jebin Bruni –keys and synth
Chris Bruce –electric guitar
Danny Frankel – drums and percussion
Gary Novak –drums
Andrew Synowiec – dobro, banjo, ukulele, acoustic guitar,
Doug Webb – alto, tenor, baritone sax, alto flute , clarinet, bass clarinet
Walt Fowler – trumpet, flugelhorn
Dave Stringer – featured singer on “Reveal’ and bg vocals on ‘Infinate Mind’
Reirani Taurima – bg vocals on ‘Back into the sky’ and ‘All of nature’
Nailah Porter – bg vocals on ‘All of Nature’
Tiwanna Floyd - bg vocals on ‘All of Nature’
Shara Prophet - bg vocals on ‘All of Nature’



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Sheila Nicholls Los Angeles, California

Sheila has released 3 albums: Brief Strop, Wake, and Songs From the Bardo. Smattered between songs of desire are rousing feminist fantasies and commentaries on the ridiculousness of worldwide chest-beating
her new project “All of Nature"
includes co-writes with Michael Beckwith, she petitions us to solve the world's problems. Because if we all committed, it would be quite simple to do so.
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